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I can Login Wednesday!

seanoconnseanoconn Posts: 8,209
edited June 2015 in The bottom bracket
Hallelujah hallelujah halleeeeluja.

I am faced with a slight dilemma though, if I delete my browsing history before my Missus borrows my phone ("You are the only porn I could ever need my darling." :roll: ) I'll lose my saved password and it will take me three months to login again!

I see i haven't missed much you boring twunts. Pinarello's still trying to guess the object "Durrrr, is it an object?" :roll: Stevo's got nothing to say until the football starts again and Veronese is a MOD!? WTF? How did that happen? Can we still abuse him? I have his mobile number should anyone take issue with him :twisted:

Pinno, מלך אידיוט וחרא מכונאי


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