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Willer vs. Trek 7.7 (carbon deal)

maltess2maltess2 Posts: 2
edited June 2015 in Road buying advice
Hello, after some research I came to this option:

Willer Bassano

But , I found a deal for a trek 7.7 fx carbon, It would cost me 180 dollars more than the willier. I am looking for a flat bar sporty bike, I will commute, but also for long rides in the long bike lanes in the outskirts of the city. I am looking for something with a sporty edge, cause I want to train with this bike, and in the future get a nice road bike. The willier seemed a perfect choice, but the Trek opportunity came out. What do you guys think? I am afraid that the Trek could have too much of an upright position for my purposes, It looks to mee like a more all around hybrid, but with a carbon frame, I could be wrong. I dont have any experience with carbon, I guess is a better ride than alu.

The components are similar.
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