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Cycle Couriers On Strike Against CitySprint

PufftmwPufftmw Posts: 1,941
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Went past CitySprint offices this morning and there was a tremendous racket coming from a big crowd of people in front of the building. Turns out all their cycle couriers have gone on strike claiming fair pay/living wage.

After a couple of hours there, they've now gone on a procession of CitySprint's top corporate clients letting them know their grievances as well.

For couriers, they are remarkably organised as a group for once and there is a good turnout. The main aim is to get CitySprint to raise their rates so that the rest of the industry would have to follow.

I would have to say that in general I support them as a lot of courier companies treat their riders/drivers badly, plus wage rates have not gone up in 25 years (whatever anyone says) whilst the amount of work has decreased dramatically.

Some more about it in the link
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