Tuesday morning thread

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As I've got a meeting just down the road in Shrewsbury, today is a slower start and should involve bacon :)

Once the meeting has finished it's down to sunny Sidcup till Thursday :(

right, more tea


  • kinioo
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    Morning Ladies,

    Sunny (still, but don't know how long for) morning here in Herts.

    Im on my motorbike today as it had not been used for a while (blame my new Anthem....)

    It looks like office all day to catch up with the reports on my desk...

    Football tonight.

    Have a great day chaps !

  • thekickingmule
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    Morning Losers!

    Today is the day that several crudites are meeting in one location, to get ourselves ready for the CC2CC2. We probably won't be on here much from today, so, get your sorry assess over to https://www.justgiving.com/crudcatcherchallenge/ and give us some money. Thanks to those that have already, those that haven't, do iiiiit!

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    Morning all,
    Good luck to the CCC2CCCC22CCCCCCCCers hope you get all the chips you could wish for.
    Managed a wobble in this morning, bit chilly and windy for June. She eventually stopped complaining though. Got chased by a large dog in the park, shouted at the owner then went on to Doggingradar to moan at all dog owners. Hopefully have a quiet day at work as I didn't sleep well at all so could do with a kip at my desk.
    Oh, and it's cold today because they should be turning on the new air con system, 'kin typical.
    I'll have to warm up with tea and some biscuits.
  • Mattharrier
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    Afternoon. Good luck to all on the CCC2C (thought I'd abbreviate it to save time).

    Barney with the girlfriend this morning (almost entirely my fault, sad to say) has put me in a funny mood. Customers aren't really helping.
  • Antm81
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    Good luck to those riding the CC2CC2. Today I am awake for the first time in a while, being back at work and working away means I had a full nights sleep. Unfortunately work will ruin that tonight by dropping me off in the middle of nowhere with a map and compass and expecting me to find my own way back in the middle of the night. On the plus side I get a lie in tomorrow and don't really have to do any work.
  • Stevo_666
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    Evening Mongs,

    On the way home after, tedious day at work so I fancy a beer when I get in. Only one more day at work this week has to be a plus.
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