Hybrid vs Folding Bike

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I have decided to commute by bike and train into Liverpool each day. The cycle to my local station is about 3.5 miles. The cycle in Liverpool is less than 1 mile. I have an old £30 banger of a second hand bike at the moment. I am considering buying either a folding bike or a light 700cc hybrid/racing bike. My budget would be max £400, ideally £350.

In your experience which is more useful? If I had a folding bike I am not sure I could be bothered to fold it for the train - especially if wet/dirty on way into work. But if I had a 700cc bike, there is the risk of not fitting onto a commuter train. (I am yet to find out how busy the line into Liverpool is at 0800.

Any advice on this commuting dilemma would be much appreciated - as would bike suggestions.

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    I would expect that you'll need a folding bike and probably need it folded, or at least a bit.

    bikes are remarkably long awkward things on trains, if your lucky the carriages may have a disabled/bike area.

    in other words you may find a non folding bike isn't really doable on the train, it may be but it's probably worth checking.
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    Check with the train company first!

    A lot of commuters use two cheap bikes, one they use at the 'other' end and leave at the station (sounds like the banger would be ideal) and one for home to the station and back (make sure you can secure it!).
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    If you're travelling onthe train with the bike, go folding, as you might not be allowed on a train with a full sized bike at peak times. They always allow folding though (folded up obviously!).
  • Thank you all. I've checked the FTP site and they encourage folding bikes or the idea of using two bikes, one at each end. I'll have to think on this, as the banger would be great for the short ride, and I could get a speedier bike to leave on the platform at my more rural station.

    Thanks again.