best paddes shorts or inner pad

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Bought pretty cheap stuff when i started cycling and would now like to upgrade shorts.
Can anyone recommend any padded shorts or inner pad.
Also are bibs better than shorts


  • darkhairedlord
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    try the 6 page thread four posts down
  • northpole
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    The other thread is a reasonable starting point but as you've asked:

    - I'd steer clear of inserts and get a decent pair of shorts
    - My personal preference for cycle shorts are Assos but even with them there is quite a bit of variety of fit - I'd recommend the recently superseded S5 range which you should be able to get at discounted prices on the Assos clearance web site
    - I recommend bib shorts over non-bib. Two main advantages to me - bibs will not move around and they don't have an elasticated waist band to potentially irritate by digging in to you.