XT or SLX Cassette for range expander

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Simple question - can you separate the sections of a 10sp SLX Cassette in order to incorporate a 40/42t expander, and remove one of the other rings? I've a 1x10 set up, using the original deore 11/36 cassette with 32t chainring up front. Its now getting worn, and time to replace, but thinking I will take the opportunity to include a range expander. I know the XT cassette separates fully, but it would be good to save a bit of money if the SLX also separates.

What's the current best value range expander option? The One Up option comes in at #55 (sorry, not sure what's happened to my keyboard - meant to be the sterling symbol!), and although you get a 16t cog too, that's quite a bit (to me), seeing as I also need to fork out on new NW chainring. cassette and chain.

Superstar now do an expander at #30 - any reports?

Also, as I need to replace my Superstar NW chainring too, any reports on On One's NW version at #20?



  • Believe you have to drill a rivet on the SLX
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    I went XT because it was the only one that allowed the 17t to be added. I think with some expander companies you can buy a bigger cassette retaining nut/thing , drop the 11t and add the expander in which case an SLX will work easily.

    No idea on the Superstar expander but a few people have said the NW rings from there are not as good as some so I imagine the same might apply.
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    you can use an expander on an SLX if you use a 13t lock ring from absolute black other wise you'll have to drill the rivets. I've got an expander from superstar no issues so far