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Focus Izalco Pro 3,0

bigbeezer67bigbeezer67 Posts: 24
edited June 2015 in Road buying advice
with Cosmic carbone sls wheelset,


Giant Propel Pro 2, with the giant wheels it comes with?

Im thinking about selling my focus to but this bike, which do you guys think is the best bike?



  • 11108388_10152972259737183_6834514197517584253_n.jpg?oh=4353ddfdc2521e33e529165a3b286fa4&oe=5607C6DB

    This is my focus,

    going by the weights of the 2 bikes then i think it will be lighter, but i know weight is not everything and i am looking for advice for people who know a lot more about the bikes than i do.

  • please excuse the colour of the bar tape, it's getting changed to match the saddle soon, just got the saddle 3 days ago.
  • giant-propel-advanced-pro-2-2015.jpg

    this is the giant,
    not sure if i would choose this colour or not tho.
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