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Interesting article

fatsmokerfatsmoker Posts: 585
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Interesting reading here - now, if only the masses could be educated.


  • tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 4,021
    Well that educated me. I need to check my insurance policy as I believe it does have public liability in it. I did wonder about it but thought it was in case someone got injured by my house such as a gutter falling on their head (cast iron gutter and it nearly happened a few streets away a few years back). I never thought the wording allowed for liability for those living in the house when away from the house as well.

    One question, the article mentioned exceptions of mechanical driven device (or words along those lines). Bikes are mechanical devices but the engine is the rider but would the performance increase over walking that a bike gives not potentially give a "get out" for insurers? Unless it is specifically included in the terms to include bikes I would personally not rely on it.

    Sentiment of the article was spot on about how a lot of "general public's" outrage is all a matter of opinion and perspectives without substance (or much substance). Mind you the writer of the article is obviously biased towards cycling so that is opinion too perhaps!! Devil's advocate and all that. The old plea "why can't we all live together" springs to mind.
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