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Shimano RS81 - review

chris217chris217 Posts: 217
edited June 2015 in Road buying advice
just wanted to add a quick review of the above wheels as was initial unsure whether they were for me however now in summary I am very impressed

Coming from Mavic Ksyrium ES wheels which were stiff responsive and until now I thought they were pretty comfortable these wheels really are superb

Ok, they are comfortable, spin very well and ride very 'light' if that makes sense , unaffected by cross winds and surprise surprise . pretty stiff to but without the harshness of a really stiff wheel but the main thing I noticed was the ride quality is very good

I'm no lightweight as over 6 foot and bordering on 80 kg assumed needed a stiff we'll such as the Mavic's however now the Mavic's feel slightly dull in comparison and certainly not as comfortable

I have Also previously read reports of the RS 80s and 81 and some reviews suggested they were not particularly stiff and some felt they were flexible and

I will be interested to see how the rims hold up as these are my everyday wheels and also will see if they stay true , time will tell

Overall , my summary is if your thinking about buying these wheels ..... Buy them


  • markhewitt1978markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
    Having run RS80 for a few years I would tend to agree, excellent wheels and they stand up to everything too, even gravel riding.
  • pauly69pauly69 Posts: 101
    I'm a fan too, running C35's - I'd be interested to hear views of anyone who has both C35 versus C24 - is there a noticeable difference?
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