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Wrist cartilage damage !

slayerkmslayerkm Posts: 14
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Hey guys,

Some of you may have seen my vlog where i came of my bike the other day if not click here

After a day or two my hand swelled up pretty bad and after 4 hours in hospital found out ive damaged my cartilage of which it may effect my grip forever :|

ive got to wear a splint and arm in sling for 3 weeks and hopefully it will heal nicely and my wrist motions will be fully functional but doctor said they may be grip problems after so fingers crossed.

im more annoyed that i only started cycling 2 weeks ago and have come so far in such little time and found a real passion for biking.

thought i'd share my experiance


  • JayKostaJayKosta Posts: 635
    I hope that your wrist heals quickly.

    And give it plenty of time to regain strength and flexibility.
    Don't do exercises or stretching that cause acute PAIN - follow the advice of doctor / physical therapist.

    Also be sure that your sleeping position doesn't force your wrist to be bent.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY US
  • tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 4,021
    NI don't know about your injury but when I broke my hand I healed quickly but not fully. In my case the consultant and physio both said that I may get arthritis later on. I was positive but less than 3 years after the break I had signs that arthritis had happened.
    I hope that you heal fully without loss of grip and other functions. However if the consultant has warned you it could mean he or she thinks there's a good chance you don't fully heal. It might not be significant like grip but you might get some other loss. My grip used to be very strong due to kayaking and climbing but even 12 years later my grip is not back to old levels.
    Sorry if I'm being so negative, I don't mean to be but I'm really just trying to say take time to recover. It could be longer than you think but it'll be worth doing it right. A friend dislocated his shoulder and returned to the activity that caused it too soon. Result was about 10 years of surgery and rehabilitation. All because the consultant had no idea of the sport involved and told him recovery was 6 months, He took 9 but those in the know say a dislocated shoulder needs at least 18 months out! I reckon your injury is unlikely to result in that long away from cycling but take time to make sure of your recovery.

    I hope you recover well and quickly. Being off the bike earlier this year really got to me. You do miss something that is a big part of your life.
  • Record11TiRecord11Ti Posts: 74
    Sorry to be late to the game. What you are certainly going to want to do is get another film of your wrist. Schaphoid fractures are very easily missed at first blush - and for days post injury. A few days out the film will show some calcification and signs of the healing process (maybe). The schaphoid is a testy little bone, has reverse blood flow (and minimal at that) and frequently is suspect of avascular-necrosis.

    Just a thought...from someone with two avascular schaphoids....
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