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Knee Trouble

TownyDCTownyDC Posts: 157
edited December 2015 in Health, fitness & training
After years of putting up with dodgy knees, my right knee has finally given up.
Annoyingly though the final straw wasn't through cycling but after an eventful weekend of DIY, laying decking in my back garden.
3 weeks now not on the bike and waiting for an MRI to find out what damage has been done.
Symptoms are as follows, a few days after that fatal weekend, swelling around the top of the knee, sharp pains on the inside left of the knee, pains across the front of the knee cap when i twist, bring my leg back too far or walk awkwardly. The pain goes though when i gently and slowly straighten the leg and i feel the knee fall back into place with 2 little clicks.
It might be a long road and after 3 weeks i'm climbing the wall, especially as it's a cr@p time to not be on the bike.

Should have laid my decking in the winter.....

Can anyone give me a potential diagnosis?



  • Your doc after the mri
  • DrumUpDrumUp Posts: 11
    Your doc or a physio will give you a definitive answer but this website might give you a step for a hint;
  • Cycling, running, athletics, dance and competitive sports place extraordinary demands on an athlete’s feet, legs, spine and entire body.

    Sometimes expert help is needed. We offer efficient diagnosis, effective treatment and intelligent advice and use low-intensity laser, ultrasound and electrotherapy modalities as well as medical acupuncture, soft-tissue manipulation, mobilisation and massage techniques, as necessary, to achieve optimal results.

    We are happy to help. Call us to ask any questions or just send us an email at [email protected].

    Wishing you good health.
  • ALS8ALS8 Posts: 12
    The knee has one of the slowest recovery rates. It gets such a small amount of circulation (the least actually). The bodies natural ability to heal brings any injured area blood flow, but the rate at which it does so, especially for the knee, is very slow. To help increase mobility and and reduce the pain and stiffness with knee after an injury, focus on things that increase the blood flow (but with minimal strain on the knee). I recommend treatments that don't require a lot of exertion in being able to do so. Things such as massage therapy, ultrasound, BFST, acupuncture, etc. These types of treatment give you the nutrients and oxygen you need to heal but reduce the risk factors involved with a lot of physical activity. It's also very important to follow anything physical with a cold compress. If the area is inflamed it hinders the blood flow even more than it would typically. Get the inflammation down, then increase the circulation. My main recommendation is the BFST. The testimonial page for the knee has great results on it.
    Wishing you all the best.
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