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Calibre 2.2 spec. How can they do it?

jamskijamski Posts: 737
edited June 2015 in MTB buying advice
So I posted yesterday that I was looking at this bike, and all reviews seem great. One dodgy comment on another forum, but that's it in terms of negativity. Been looking at other similarly priced bikes, ones in Decathlon, Voodoo and so on, all their spec seems lower. Forks, drivechain, brakes. Looking at more expensive, £700-800 seems to get a similar spec normally, so what's the deal?

What's so bad on the Calibre to reduce the price? Looking at one in the metal today, some of the finishing wasn't perfect, the welds could have been neater I suppose, but it's a mountain bike, not a ming vase. Or is it just a case of they've put together a great spec at a low price to sell a new brand of bike?


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