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Annoying 'Click'

bianchibobbianchibob Posts: 306
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I have a Bianchi 928 with Campagnolo Super Record drivetrain and FSA crankset.

The bike is in excellent condition well serviced and changes gear beautifully. However it has an annoying click which occurs with every pedal revolution, and comes from the rear of the bike.

Initially I thought it was the FSA bottom bracket which I have replaced but the click still persists.

I have noticed that the click is more pronounced when applying extra downforce on the pedals, however if I apply excess pressure on the pedal uplift the click stops.

I am beginning to think that it is coming from the rear wheel bearings. The wheels are Campagnolo Eurus G3 wheels. They are quite old but the freewheel and cassette are in excellent clean condition and the rear wheel shows no sign of excess side play. Could the click be due to worn bearings.

I have adjusted the 'end play' in the rear wheel bearing by tightening it up slightly......but you guessed the 'click' is still there. It is more annoying than anything....any one had this experience and solved it !


  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,527
    Just a thought based on my own experience from a few years back. Then I was plagued by a creaking/ ticking noise that was difficult to pin down.

    Eventually after time and expense replacing BB and chainrings without success, I replaced my pedals. Hey presto - noise was gone. Turned out to be worn spindle/bearings on my Look pedals.

    Have you got a mate who could lend you a different set of pedals or even a set of flats just to eliminate that from the equation
  • Origami02Origami02 Posts: 147
    I've had this in the past and it was the seat post creaking in the frame. A smear of copper grease or carbon assembly paste(depending on frame/post material) solves it, if this is the problem.
    The obvious test is, does the click/creak disappear when you are pedalling out of the saddle ?
  • paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 524
    I had a similar noise and it turned out to be one of the crank bolts.
    Definitely worth checking if you haven't yet.
  • bianchibobbianchibob Posts: 306
    Thanks for the replies, the click is still there when out of the saddle, and the FSA crank setup has been taken off cleaned and replaced and all bolts tightened correctly.

    The click seems to becoming from the rear hub of the bike, that is why I am now thinking it could be slight wear in a wheel bearing.
  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,426
    The wheel will not revolve at the same rate as the cranks (ok, at some point it will, but generally it won't), so if you've already ascertained that it is every pedal revolution then it cannot be the wheel.

    Two other things to look at:
      - Is the end of the front mech cable sticking out and getting clipped by the crank arm? Not likely to sound any worse with more pedal pressure though. - Is the front mech a little too low, so that the higher pickup teeth on the outer ring clip the underside of the front mech outer plate, or push the chain into the side of the plate?
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