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Annoying Creak :(

morgegurraymorgegurray Posts: 48
edited May 2015 in Workshop
Hi guys, I have been using a topeak ride case on my bike for the last month and it has been great. My only issue is that it has a tiny creaking noise coming from the attachment point on the handlebars. Has anyone else used a ridecase or similar and found a way of stopping the slight creak.It is like a vibration creak if that makes sense.

I am using carbon bars if that makes a difference.

Cheers George


  • bianchi_davebianchi_dave Posts: 447
    Carbon Assembly paste would likely do the trick. Noticed Ribble had the Tacx one which seemed good value.
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  • morgegurraymorgegurray Posts: 48
    amazing thank you.
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