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Front derailleur issues

maxscalesmaxscales Posts: 3
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I am very new to cycling and I'm having issues with my front derailleur. I have just changed the gear cable as the factory one had frayed.

I now have the problem that when chainging down the front gears (large - middle - small) my derailleur jumps from the largest cog to the smallest ( i have 3 rings on my front gears). I have been through all the youtube videos on how to adjust the front derailleur but i can't get it to work.

also my gears have 3 clicks to them so if i have done my research right that means i have 2 'clicks' for my middle front gear so i can use the full range of the cassette. however once i get the tension high enough for the first click to move to the middle cog the next click moves the chain to the largest cog rather than slightly adjusting the derailleur so that i can use the full cassette without any chain rub.

any help?


  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 313
    Well I wouldn't worry about the trim function for now as when you get your stop screws right and cable tension right the trim function will automatically be right. Sounds to me if it's missing out the middle chainring that you don't have enough tension on the cable. So if you have an inline adjuster use that to adjust it, if not you will have to release it from the front mech and apply more tension by hand.
  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 313
    Also the other issue might be that your new inner cable may be sticking in the outer. Did you replace the outer as well?
  • maxscalesmaxscales Posts: 3
    plodder73 wrote:
    Also the other issue might be that your new inner cable may be sticking in the outer. Did you replace the outer as well?

    i don't think it would be the inner cable as that is pretty new, i didn't replace it at the same time but it seems in good condition.

    as for the tension problems I'm completely baffled, surely if i didn't have enough tension then i wouldn't be able to shift up the gears properly. (with the barrel adjuster i can get this mostly working aka from small -middle- large)

    I think i may have to take it to a bike shop tomorrow unfortunately as i have completely ran out of ideas as to what I'm doing wrong.
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    Is the derailleur running parallel to the chainrings? You should not be able to perceive any parallelism error by eye.
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