Saturday morning

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Shoot sleep and up early to do some work, next the plan is a slow start, then off to Ludlow for lunch

that's about it


  • angry_bird
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    Morning bumders

    Today is mostly revision, but bikes may/will feature later.

    Picked up the new mtb yesterday so hopefully it'll get set up too. Need to swap a few of my bits onto there, specifically the bars and saddle. Then hopefully take the old wheels apart later ready to get the hubs rebuilt with some 29er rims. Not even had it 24 hours and already faffing :roll: :lol:

  • veronese68
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    Morning all,
    Drinking tea in bed is the current order of the day, both kids are still sleeping. Going out shopping with the EPO later. Shouldn't be too painful as electrical items are on the list and shoes for me, so I guess I should be there. Or my feet at least.
    Onwards, to more tea.
  • Stevo_666
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    Morning Felchers,

    Avoided heading North again to deal with parental problems so have been down the dentist and now sitting waiting to get my hair chopped off. Later will be at the brother in laws birthday bash which will be made marginally more bearable by his hot daughters :twisted:
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    Morning Losers!

    Not sure what I've eaten, but being too far from a toilet is a bad move for me at the moment. Been like that for a day or 2. On the plus side, I'm losing weight! :)

    Today I've got to go to a bank with a cheque, and then decide on going to someones retirement do, or watch the FA cup final... it really is a difficult choice!

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    hello cunts.

    had a good day in work an am now turning beer in to piss and crisps into shit whilst watching the FA cup.

    later involves going to a party with my bird at my cancer wife's gaff which should hopefully be full of hot nurses