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Thought I'd share my experience with the online retailer Shiny Bikes.

I ordered some not cheap wheels on May 18. They took my money instantly it seems (is that legal?) and they don't offer expedited delivery on high value items.

2 days later I've heard nothing (I would have received the order by now if it was Wiggle!) so I email them and get ignored. I then call them up and they are like "oh sorry, the wheels went out of stock just as you ordered them". So I said, fine, can I cancel and get my money back? "Yes of course". I re-order the same wheelset from Wiggle who now have stock and get them next day. :roll:

A week passes and I've still not had my money back and my order still shows as "processed" on their frankly **** website. I call again and they say they'll get right on it and make sure it's cancelled and I'm refunded.

Another 2 days later and I still don't have my money and as a result of this (and partly my own foolishness for re-ordering the wheels from Wiggle before my money went back in) I went over my credit limit and will probably get a bank charge too. :evil:

TLDR : Don't buy from Shiny Bikes unless you enjoy rubbish customer service.


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    I had to do a Paypal charge back to get my money back from these lot when an order went wrong, agree avoid.
  • dulwichiron
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    Just re-read your post and note you still don't have your money back. Beware they will string you along for ages, I would pre-empt all the grief and get whoever you paid with to do a charge back.
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    did you pay by credit card? if so give your provider a call and let them take it up.
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    I had to do a Paypal charge back to get my money back from these lot when an order went wrong, agree avoid.

    +1, on a groupset last December. When I got paypal involved (after 3 weeks waiting and broken assurances) the parts turned up within a couple of days, so OK in the end - but I won't use them again.
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    AKA Sh1tey Bikes. Their incompetance is well documentated on this forum and all over the interweb in general.
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    Speak to credit card and get them to do a reverse
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    Agree,i've been waiting for a zipp seatpost since 3rd march!!!!!!
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    You can always post your displeasure on their Facebook page.
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    Even better post a link to this thread on their FB page.
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    Same happened to me. I ordered a set of wheel having phoned up to check they had them in stock. I was informed they had 1 pair so immediately ordered said wheels. As with others, they took the money immediately from my credit card but then I waited weeks before cancelling.

    I had to go via my credit card company to issue a charge back.

    Everytime I called Shiny Bikes I just got told they'd be in stock next week. Their prices were great but that's stuff all use if you don't get what you ordered.

    As plenty others have testified here - avoid Shiny Bikes.
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    The money has finally arrived in my account today.

    I will be sure to vet any new retailers I deal with from now on!

    I blame Wiggle... for being too damn good. :twisted:
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    actually I have had pretty good service from them
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    Maybe the knockers are the vocal few, but I have had out of hours follow up and assistance from Shiny Bikes this weekend to help with my build.... Rate them
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