Help me choose a bike from 3

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I know what bike threads are ten a penny but would really appreciate some help on the three i have narrowed it down to, particulaly from anyone who has owned them.

I basically want something I can commute on (25 miles each way) without putting the miles on my best bike, and something that can double up for the club runs in winter. So disc brakes was something i started with, i also want to get it through bike to work if possible so under a grand.

Narrowed it down to these 3, all pretty much bang on £1,000:

1. Cannondale Synapse 105 Disc
seems to get decent reviews, seems more like a proper road bike than a lot of disc braked bikes which tend to lean more towards CX geometry. And new 105 5800. Decent spec. Only major nagative is mechanical disc brakes - and cant find reviews of the spec ones. Seems to get very good reviews.

2. Whyte Dorset
I have a Whyte mountain bike and it has always been solid. Spec isn't as good as the Cannondale, and a lot heavier (not a major issue) but it has the TRY-HYD semi hydraulic brake system which is a big plus over the mechanical brakes. Very little real life reviews.

3. Genesis Equilibrium Disc
The best looking of the 3 - have always liked Genesis since my first Croix de Fer (sadly now departed). Slightly moe expensive than the others, Tiagra 4600 when the new 4700 is about to come out so that puts me off a bit. And again mechanical brakes.

Can test ride the Cannondale but difficult with the Whte and Genesis (though i have ridden the old Equilibrium and used to have a croix so assume fairly similar.)

Appreciate any thoughts. Or anyone have anything glaringly obvious i should consider?


  • lakesluddite
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    IF it were me (and obviously it's not), I would go for the Genesis.


    Nothing to do with experience, spec or weight (I suspect this would be the heaviest, being steel an' all) - I just like the look of it - plus I'm a bit of a fan of steel, and the Equilibrium has had nothing but good reviews as far as I have seen.

    It does come out at £1100 at rrp, how would that work out with the limit being £1000 on Cycle-to-work schemes?
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    I personally wouldn't bother with the Whyte. A mate has the slightly higher spec Sussex and it's not a great ride.

    I've just had a test ride on a synapse disc and it was a fantastic bike for the money. Very tempted to go for it.

    Agree though that the genesis despite being heavier, more expensive and lower spec seems to have something about it. Definitely aesthetically the most pleasing. Haven't ridden one though so not sure what the ride quality is like. Could be a pig.
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    Genesis for me also but again I have to admit to a slightly biased view as I recently completed a build of an Equilibrium disc frameset (2014 version).


    That was off the back of another non-disc Equilibrium that I built up last year.

    Yes - the weights look a bit on the high side compared to the Cannondale but for me that doesn't translate into any real penalty. The bike is supremely comfortable, can fit full mudguards when needed and will run 25mm tyres with ease if that's a requirement.

    The Cannondale for me lacks the mudguard mounting flexibility and also I'm not a great fan of pressfit BB's. Give me the old BSA threaded technology every day