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Berlin Velothon 2015

gdcfc1gdcfc1 Posts: 125
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Anyone ridden the Berlin Velothon before? This year will be my first. Any tips for survival/racing in such a big (12,000-13,000 riders I believe) event? Cheers
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  • gdcfc1gdcfc1 Posts: 125
    Never mind replying ..... it is done now. What I would say is:

    - Pace will be fast - straight from the start - even in the latter groups. From zero to rapid in 20 metres!
    - It feels great to be overtaking.
    - If overtaken, try and get on a wheel and get back up.
    - As so many in it there was always someone coming by or to pass - so very interactive and also a lot of pressure to keep pushing. All in all, though, this makes for a fast time - I was much faster than my training rides, even compared to shorter outings.
    - Concentration on downhills is important - with so many riders in the field there is plenty of crowding. There were a few crashes and any wobbles caused a bit of panic in the bunch.
    - Crowd all round the course was great - last 300m especially so with a real noise cheering you in.
    - The free beer afterwards tasted great!

    On to the next one!....
    looking into the +1
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