Backpack for commuting - Osprey Syncro or Deuter Race X?

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I'm after a backpack for commuting.

Generally need to take:

Wallet / keys
Load of fruit

I reckon that a 15 litre pack will do the trick, and I like the look of both of these, and they both get great reviews. The Osprey is about £8 more expensive at £45. Any thoughts?

Both have waterproof covers, which is an important feature. Are both waterproof and well designed?

My Mrs also wants a bag of a similar size for walking etc, and thought of the Deuter Speed Lite at £32. Anyone got a view on this?



  • iPete
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    I've not tried either of the above but I've had a great time using Deuter Race EXP Air on and off the bike. The support is really good and the mesh back works well.
    The Deuter X looks a similar construction (minus the mesh back) and whilst the buckles look like they might be weak, they aren't and the whole bag can take some abuse.

    You'll easily get all of the above in a 15l pack. The Race Air is perfect for my iPad mini but the curved back may be problematic for a full size version, likely better suited to the X.
  • hugo15
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    I've got a Deuter Race X. Had it for a few years now and it's lasting well. Use it both for commuting and for family days out. The rain cover seems pretty waterproof. There is a zipped top pocket and also an internal mesh pocket, both of which are good for money/phone. The outer zipped pocket has a clip for keys - Useful for bike lock keys. Would recommend.
  • dodgy
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    Please please please consider a Carradice SQR slim. It's replaced my backpack and even my panniers. An SQR is a brilliant commuting set up. Removable in seconds.

    Honestly, it's a much better solution than backpack, I hardly know mine is there and can get towel, shirt, trousers etc with laptop no problem at all.
  • Monty Dog
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    I've had a Deuter Race X-Air for 12 years and it's held up well - suspended mesh back helps minimise sweaty back syndrome but the shape isn't too good for stuffing it full with a laptop and stuff. Last year I bought an Osprey Talon - I like the zipped mesh pockets on the belt for things like keys, pass etc and the fact it cinches down really small so stuff doesn't bounce around inside so better for offroad riding.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..