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seatpost choice

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Going to splash out on a new seatpost as my old one is scratched to bvggery, is heavy and even with carbon friction paste my saddle keeps slipping in my current clamp. Although, honestly that is just excuses - I want a lighter snazzier post and I have a bit of spare cash so may as well.

I'm either going to get a KCNC SC layback pro or a thompson masterpiece layback, because of discounts they are both the same price. I was all set on the KCNC one till I saw the price of the thomson. KCNC weight is 170g, Thomson is 192g.

Save 22g or get the reliability reassurance of a Thomson?? My current seatpost is almost 400g so it will be a big saving anyway. plus I've bought a lighter, non-QR clamp saving ~30g too.


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