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Help! What kind of bike? 300 km in Norway..

maria.phuongmaria.phuong Posts: 2
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I am totally lost. Going on a 300 km trip soon in Norway (uphill and downhill) and need a bike that can take me good.. Wanting a road bike, is that good or should I have a hybrid? It needs to handle luggage as well!
I want to be able to use it some in town as well afterwards, to work and so on...
Some people recommend hybrid and some Roadbike.
I have the offer to buy a cheap Merida Juliet hfs (h06), but I am also wanting to check out bikes for approx 1000 Gbp.
Also replies is thankfully read!! :D


  • I would recommend a road bike - it will be lighter and therefore easier to cover longer distances (especially on hillier routes) so you'll enjoy your ride and there are plenty of options in your price range. But there are a few things that are worth considering:

    1) If you haven't done much on a road bike before, make sure it's properly set up and the geometry is "relaxed" enough (i.e. unless you're super flexible or planning to race you don't want your handlebars too low and you don't want to be too stretched out by a long reach either). A bike shop should be able to help you with this.
    2) If you want to carry luggage over long distance, you'll probably want a bike that can handle panniers. This is well beyond my sphere of expertise, but I think you can get some that are mounted on the seat post rather than specific mounts so that may be an option
    3) Make sure your tires are puncture proof and not too narrow (23/25mm would be my recommendation for comfort)

    I got my first road bike after thinking I wanted a hybrid and I don't regret it at all. I race now and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have happened, but also I really enjoy going out for rides with friends and not feeling held back by my equipment.

    Good luck!
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  • MoonbikerMoonbiker Posts: 1,706
    Some bikes to consider

    Touring bikes (sometimes called audax bikes)

    Like a road bikes but with wider tyre clearance (good for rough roads gravel etc as you have more tyres options ), rear rack bolts etc, but are kind of unfashionable atm.

    Also check out gravel bikes (the new trendy term for "do it all bikes" similar to what were called touring bikes/cyclocross bikes before)

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