Trek Domane 5.2 and DI2 battery question.

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Hi guys new here.
I'm about to become a new owner of a 2015 Trek Domane 5.2. I'm so exited I can just stand up. :D
Anyway s. I have a question.
The bike will be build with full Shimano Ultegra Di2 by my LBS. One of my questions was if the battery will be fitted inside the seat tube as I don't wont the battery under the bottom bracket.
The mechanic at the shop said that will have to be an external battery, due to Iso speed system and because of the movement of the seat tube it's not possible to have the battery in there. :cry:

Is this right? What do you guys think?
Any advise welcomed :)


  • Sounds like you need to find a better LBS/ mechanic...
  • DKay
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    The Domane isolates by flexion of the seat-tube of the frame and not the seatpost. The Di2 internal battery goes inside the latter and only measures 155mm long with a 16mm diameter, so shouldn't be a problem. The only issue would be if there is no access to the bottom of the seat-tube via the BB shell.
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    As above. The battery fits into the seatpost, pushing in to the bottom like a cork (it sits inside a ribbed rubber split tube arrangement). Absolutely no need for an external battery.
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    The Trek Domane doesn't have a seat post, but instead has a cap that sits on the extended seat tube. I would have thought the battery would fit into the seat tube somehow.
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    proto wrote:
    The Trek Domane doesn't have a seat post, but instead has a cap that sits on the extended seat tube.

    Depends on the model of Domane. Only the 5 and 6 series versions have the option of an integrated seatmast, or a normal seatpost.
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    Thanks for your replys guys.
    Very helpful.
    I have spoken to my lbs and ask them to use the internal battery.
    I'l let you know the out come.

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    Also found this on the Trek website, so it confirms that will work with the internal battery :-)

    Is the 5.2 frame Di2 compatible? If so which battery type would be required?
    Asked on 1/3/2015 by AlanF from Bracknell, UK

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    2 answers

    Yes, no problem upgrading to Di2, have just had my 2013 5.2 upgraded, plus carbon version of bars from bontrager. Now even better, if that's possible.

    Answered on 3/1/2015 by veloboy from Hoddesdon, U.K.
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    The frame is compatible with Di2 and could be used with either an internal or external battery with the proper mounting hardware.

    Answered on 1/5/2015 by Josh from Waterloo