Campagnolo Triple Inner Chainring

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Hi folks, could anyone help...
I have a Champ Triple Chainset which I think works with 9/10 speed.
I needed to replace the inner chainring which was badly rusted.
I got something from LBS which looked a good match.
It isn't so good and would probably lead to some bad chain jams if used. So 2 possibilities:
a) the new chainring is not compatible - in which case I will get TA Zelitos which claims to be Campagnolo compatible
b) I have fitted the LBS product with the wrong face outwards? Is this possible? How do I decide which is the correct way round?

Thanks, David


  • Monty Dog
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    Stronglight rings from Spa Cycles are a good budget option.
    If the ring has any stamping / markings these usually face outwards.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • mercia_man
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    I use a Campag Veloce triple chainset, very similar to yours. The inner ring is standard 74 BCD. Any ring of that size diameter will fit. Unlike the outer rings which are 135 BCD, they don't need to be specially Campag sized and you can fit anything down to a 24. I use a TA Zelito 24 tooth 9/10 speed inner ring on my tourer. Works perfectly. As Monty says, look at Spa Cycles. As well as TA rings you can get cheaper Stronglight rings in steel, Dural and Zicral. My TA fits with the writing facing outwards from the bike.
  • dav_safc
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    Thanks to you both, really sound advice.
    Enjoy BH weekend.
  • dav_safc
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    Got Spa Cycles own brand for £ 10. Works perfect and weighs next to nothing. Good budget option as TA Zelito was at least twice the price. David