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Tour Series (Spoilers)

ProssPross Posts: 31,576
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Brilliant finish at the Redditch round. Kneisky took the sprint out, went wide to the right around the final bend and looked left to see he was well clear. Celebrated with a 2 arm salute 20m from the line only to be passed by Jon Mould who he had failed to notice in the virtually non-existent gap he'd left on his right. A few laughs all around with even Kneisky seeing the funny side :lol:

First round in the Isle of Wight was a seriously tough course.

Can't say I'm a fan of the team format where every rider counts. In round 1 someone had a mechanical on the start line and there's no lap out allowed.


  • thegibdogthegibdog Posts: 2,106
    Hilarious stuff from Kneisky. "I am very disappoint". :) Poor guy.

    Agree re the new format. The old system wasn't great but they've managed to make it worse.
  • inseineinseine Posts: 5,785
    Steele Von hoff had a mechanical in the first round and never get back ( no laps out this year).
    I agree, the team thing seems designed to take the excitement out of the win.
  • takethehighroadtakethehighroad Posts: 6,075
    I think counting on time is a good idea, but given the number of mechanicals and crashes there they should have counted the first four riders of a team, not all five.

    The GC after Durham will probably be set fair and won't change much, given the massive gaps that can be made there
  • ozzzyosborn206ozzzyosborn206 Posts: 1,340
    Agree with you about all 5 to count and no laps out, it means the series has a good chance of being decided by a crash or mechanical. Think they changed the rules as last year NFTO were out the running for the team event and so Mouldy was 'allowed' to go up the road solo by Madison and Rapha who were more worried about watching each other and making sure they both packed the front with three riders which I guess this has done with it now being on time, but maybe 4 riders to count or allow laps out but limit the number you are allowed per race to say 2 a race?
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