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genesis equilibrium disc 2015

logitech208logitech208 Posts: 167
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Looking to replace my current bike with one of these but am concerned about going from carbon to steel as I have never had a steel bike before.

Anyone have one to give any feedback.


  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Yep, I've got the disc 20, though I upgraded the wheels as the stock Aksiums are a bit cheap and nasty - went for Pacenti SL25 tubeless in the end. The bikes fine, rides very nicely, very comfortable and stable. I also changed stem (for position) and saddle and seatpost (I had a Canyon VCLS post and a Spesh Romin Pro saddle)
    I manged to fit 28mm Schwalbe One tubeless under SKS 'guards, but did need to use the dremel a bit to get the 'guard high enough under the fork crown, and there's still only 2-3mm clearance between tyre and 'guard. 25's would be a breeze.
  • the_jackalcpthe_jackalcp Posts: 276
    I've got the frameset built up with SRAM force, trp spyre and pacenti sl25s with vredstein senso xtreme 28s and guards. No dremeling needed for me although the fit is tight, not enough to rub though. My other bike is a cervelo r3. The Genesis is not as brisk or quite as comfortable, the Cervelo seems to deal with the big hits a bit better, however it is still a nice ride. It's not really a fair comparison as the Cervelo is built for speed and climbing, the Genesis as a winter trainer/hack bike. It replaced a Titanium frame and feels better in every way to me. I wouldn't personally choose the Genesis as my only bike, I like something a little more lively and racy however if it were tarted up that might help but ultimately you can't get away from the fact the frame and fork are not all that light.
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  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,688
    Been looking at similar for later in the year so interested in why you are leaning towards the Equilibrium over say something like the GT Grade or one of the other options ?
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  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    That odd Jackaclp as with 28 mm schwable one tyresat 70 psi the ride quality of the bike is sublime (I have riden a few)

    I suggest different tyres and drop the pressue. I have the Ti version of the bike (frame and fork campagnolo groupset, Tektro brakes and velocity Aileron/Novatec rims/hubs) and my is it swift and supremely comfortable but that comfort has more to do with the tyres which are 30mm strada Bianca. Maybe the feeling of lack of swiftness is down to the tyres too. Tyres can make a huge difference to how a bike feels.

    Also comparing the Equilbrium disc to a race bike like the Cerevlo R3 is like comparing apples and oranges, they are both fruit but completely different. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    I've got the frameset built up with SRAM force, trp spyre and pacenti sl25s with vredstein senso xtreme 28s and guards. No dremeling needed for me although the fit is tight,

    I only needed to Dremel because I put the front 'guards crown clip behind the fork so as to get the mudflap as low as possible, an there is a recess at the rear of the crown - on the front it's flat and therefore easy to get the clip as high as possible.

    I also find that 28mm tyres (Schwalbe 1 tubless) run at 5 / 5.5 bar give a good ride.
  • the_jackalcpthe_jackalcp Posts: 276
    I'm not saying the bike is uncomfortable, I actually really like the the way the bike rides and have no complaints on the comfort level. I was not expecting it to roll as well as it does. The OP is asking about carbon vs steel, something I have current experience of as I ride both bikes every week. The only way I can describe the difference is that the Genesis hits a big hole and you get the initial impact followed by what I can only decscribe as a subtle vibration through the frame. The Cervelo on the other hand has an initial impact and that's it. Maybe that's the carbon frame, maybe the fact I'm riding tubs, maybe I'm running the pressure to high on the Genesis. Who knows but that's my experience for what its worth. Ultimately I would have no hesitation recommending the Genesis.
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  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,957
    I have the original version with steel forks. It's a 631 frame and fork and I really like it. I was going to sell it a while back but decided to give it a make over and am thinking of getting a proper wheelset made up. The bike is heavy and it is slower than my Saetta for sure. Agree with the above they are both different bikes but I like them both the same. I kind of prefer the Genesis just because it's a bit more utilitarian and I don't feel I need to get into Lycra to ride it!
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