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Sandstone Way Northumberland

welsh_14welsh_14 Posts: 259
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Has anyone completed the Sandstone Way that has just been opened in Northumberland? It runs from Berwick to Hexham, and it says its mainly off road.

If you have done it, how much of it is off road and was it good? Any recommendations for completing it!? I'm thinking of doing it over 4 days with the old man!


  • PityackerPityacker Posts: 10
    Looking at this video it seems to be about 50:50 but that could just be the editing (bloke with the camera wanting to ride the fun sections rather than film them). I'm thinking about doing it in stages because of fitness and work commitments but that wont be for a while yet I don't think.
  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    Did it on a charity ride with work over 2 days. Official route is probably 70% off road versus 30% on but depends what route you take. Quite a lot of the off road is boggy farmers field and rutted land rover tracks. 2 days would be enough if your fitness is reasonable. I'm going to go back later in summer and do it in one.
  • A couple of mates and I did this last summer over 2 days.

    We opted for the additional 'red' loops, which adds quite a lot of tough terrain (steep boggy fields & 'grassy' tracks across moorland), which we found difficult to navigate in places, and really slowed up our average speed. It made for a tough 2 days. Would be easy in 4 days, and the main route without the optional loops would be pretty straightforward.

    Some more info here ...
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