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Build wheel help - Sun Ringle ZJ20 Rim

Matt.dysonMatt.dyson Posts: 6
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Hi All,

I attempted to build my own front wheel to learn how to do it and to see if I could easily change the hubs on my 2 sets of wheels, so not that bothered about the quality of the components just yet, but ran into a problem with the spokes as I don't think they're the right length (seem too short).

The rim is a 'Sun Ringle ZJ20 Rim'

And the hub a 'Mr-Ride Enduro Bt02'

I tried using just some old 26" spokes I had lying about but they seem too short so could someone help me figure out what size spokes I need please? And recommend me some good value ones if possible?

Any help greatly appreciated!


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    You need a spoke calculator. Plenty online. One on DT Swiss site gets recommended regularly.
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  • Matt.dysonMatt.dyson Posts: 6
    So I'm just trying to figure out the measurements I need...

    Rim ERG = 543mm

    Pitch circle diameter = 58mm R/L

    Flange distance = which numbers do I use R/L here?

    Spoke hole size = 2.4?

    # spoke = 32

    # intersections = 3

  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Spokes come in many sizes spaced just 2mm apart, spoke length is key and picking up a set of 'any old spokes' isn't going to work.

    I use the DT Swiss calculator, but first you need to make sure you know how to measure the rim ERD and hub dimensions (diameter and spacing).

    Measure the rim, manufacturers ERD's are often wrong.

    Flange distance is from the middle of the hub out to the flange centreline.
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