How black's black???

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This might sound like a stupid question but, how 'black' are Ultegra 6800 brake calipers? In some photos I've looked at most look like a matt black but in some others they look more battleship grey. I know they are listed as available in silver and grey but I was wondering if they are closer to being black than grey?
Like I've said, sorry if this seems a stupid pointless question :oops:
Any help on this appreciated.
Thanks. Gareth
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    As someone who has worked in the car repair trade for many years I can assure you that it is certainly not a stupid question.
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    They are dark grey and I'm fairly certain they only come in one colour.
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  • They are gray
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    Dark-ish metallic grey. Roughly the darker metallic grey colour that you often see on Fords
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    Shimano list them as Glossy Grey, not black.
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    If you want glossy black look at the 105 units.
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    they are gold.
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    If you want glossy black look at the 105 units.

    . . . especially the 5800, which are absolutely superb brakes, brilliant to a why-bother-with-disks degree. Around two thirds the price of Ultegra, every bit as powerful and progressive as Ultegra, clearance for a 28mm tyre and hardly any heavier. And available in unambiguously glossy black or no two ways about it polished silver.
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