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Genesis Carbon Bikes/frames

Donie75Donie75 Posts: 92
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hi folks,
I'm looking for a new sportive bike and my LBS has Genesis Zero frame sets in stock that he is building up. Does anyone have any experience of these frames or bikes? Are they comfortable for long rides?
Also, do they have a stated max rider weight limit? I've checked their website and emailed them but got no response.


  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 4,481
    I have recently built up one of these frames with Ultegra and some handbuilt wheels. So far my verdict on the bike is overwhelmingly positive. The geometry gives a slightly longer head tube than you will find on some full on race bikes so with a couple of spacers you have a bike that is excellent for long rides but is still ultimately a pro level race frame and not a dedicated endurance bike. The frame accepts 25mm tyres too so comfort shouldn't be a problem.

    Before I bought the frame I had a go on the different sizes of the complete Zero models in my LBS and then decided on frame size and how I wanted to tweak the position with seatpost setback, stem length and handlebar reach and drop when I bought all the bits. No doubt your LBS can advise you on that.

    I put a picture of the completed build on "Your Road Bikes" if you want to see how the Zero Team frames look built up!

    I'm afraid I can't help you with maximum rider weight. I'm 79kg and I've not broken it so far!
  • Donie75Donie75 Posts: 92
    Thanks for the insight, they look like a lovely bike and yours is a very nice build.
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 26,241
    Opposite end of the scale to B123 - I'm 171cm and north of 100kg. I love mine! Have it built up with Racing 3's and a SRAM gruppo. I can feel the affect of the aero frame and the stiffness when I put the power down but it was also comfy enough to do Flanders on this year and nailed the flat cobbled sections like it was a cobble specific bike. Everyone I ve seen on it has said what a good looking bike it is so I suspect it's not just my obvious bias! ;)

    I don't think there is a weight limit
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