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John O Groats to Lands End

lewibnblewibnb Posts: 4
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Anyone interested in joining us?
We will catch a train up to John o Groats, (or as close as) on the 6thJuly (7 weeks)

On the 7th July, we will start the ride, averaging around 100miles each day.
I am a keen photographer, and will take pics along the route, with the objective of creating a Josie May Calendar.
She is the little girl we are riding for, who is very poorly :(
Vistaprint is already onboard and creating the calendars for us for free, so 100% proceeds directly to Josie May.

You can follow our progress here and of course get more info.
If you would like to be involved? there is no cost, bring your lunch money, and a tent, that really is about it!
I can only promise you great company :D

We think the route will take us around 10 days. At various parts of the route we will be lucky enough to be joined by local riders for a few hours here and there, including the legendary round the world rider Lee Fancourt!

If you would like to join us at any part of the route, even if just for a few hours, get in touch, we would love to see you!
The press are also involved and will be following our progress down!
Its early days, we only disclosed the details today.

Whos in?
Thanks kindly guys. :D
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