Casco Speedster vs Giro Air Attack

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Hi, I was all set to buy a Giro Air Attack but then I spotted the Casco Speedster and now I'm leaning towards that. Pro's and Cons-
Speedster is Cheaper
I prefer the Casco's colours
Looks to be better vented so might suit my climbing better and be more of an all rounder

Giro is lighter.

I've tried on the Air attack and like the fit, havent had a chance to try the Casco.
Anyone tried them both?
Any opinions?

Finally, is the Casco SpeedAiro really much better than the Speedster?
Cheers in advance


  • norvernrob
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    I've got the air attack. It's quieter than a normal helmet for wind noise, really comfortable, and surprisingly cool. I wore it for a 5hr ride in the Peak District a few weeks ago in warm sun (17/18c) and never felt too hot despite doing over 7,000ft of climbing.

    The downside is, to quote my wife; "you look like the mushroom man from Super Mario" :lol:

    I'm not bothered though, I like the idea of having no pointy bits to cause potential twist injuries should I crash.
  • steoroc
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    Do you find the lens fogging up in the rain or cold weather?
  • bernithebiker
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    Air Attack Shield here; no it doesn't fog up, unlike sunglasses which is why I like it.

    Now I've got the knack I can flip it from stowed to deployed with one hand in seconds.

    I think it's a great lid, but here in France you see more Casco's than Attacks.....