Sram shifters/ultegra calipers

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I'm currently using Sram Force shifters with Sram Force calipers, I've been offered a pair of Ultegra 6800 black Calipers in excellent condition. I am wanting to swap to the Ultegra Calipers for purely aesthetic reasons :oops:
I know that the pull ratio will be slightly different, but what I want to know is will it make a massive difference to my braking (unsafe etc)?
Thanks in advance.
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  • keef66
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    I imagine it will be fine. No doubt Shimano would insist you use 6800 levers for optimal operation, but you see all kinds of mix and match in daily use. Half the new bikes come with some kind of unbranded or OEM calipers...

    The only thing I'd avoid is using Campag calipers with Shimano shifters, but only because you'd then have no QR facility.
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    I use Campag Centaur Powershift levers with Ultegra 6700 calipers, and also Campag QS levers with basic Shimano calipers for the winter bike - all work perfectly. Have never heard of any mix of makes not working together. I saw a bike which had both Campag levers and calipers, but because the calipers weren't set right the pull on the levers was excessive. Simply, the brake blocks weren't adjusted close enough to the rim or the blocks were too worn.