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Storage of wet kit in the office?

nottscobbnottscobb Posts: 147
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I have recently become a member of the site management team where I work, as such I get a say in various decisions regarding the facilities. I have put in a request that we look into offering somewhere for staff members who cycle to store their kit, specifically wet kit after a rainy ride into the office.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to the best solution for this, assuming I get the approval from senior management?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  • imatfaalimatfaal Posts: 2,716
    Mine goes (quite illegally) into the riser cupboards which carry the aircon pipes. It is quite warm and the clothes dry nicely
  • KerSploshKerSplosh Posts: 30
    I do temp work, so over the years have had a wide variety of facilities to deal with, but far and away the best solution Ive had was dryer cupboards. Put your wet gear in, set the timer and come back at the end of the day to nice dry clothes. Nice.
  • tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 4,015
    I hang my wet stuff on the coast hanger at work in our little office. I work with a woman who always has the heater on so it dries off during the day. It does feel like a sauna for the first couple of hours after a really wet ride in though. Not sure many places would be happy about that but apart from one guy's manky PPE on it they don't get used so here it is ok.

    Everyone else at work uses lockers with a punched steel mesh panel to the doors, but our room has keycode entry and a key lock too so it is all secure in there.
  • katiebobkatiebob Posts: 208
    Do you have shower/changing facilities?

    I use a drying rack that I leave in the shower room.
  • nottscobbnottscobb Posts: 147
    We have a shower room but we now have quite a few people using it, either for cycling to work or going for a lunchtime run, so there is not enough space to store things in the shower room. I have been asked to look into the best storage/locker solution we could provide. I have found basic lockers on the web but wanted to know if there are any other options that people use that could be a better solution.

    I like the idea of a drying cupboard, I will look into it - thanks.
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,532
    I just googled 'drying cupboard' and worryingly came up with this:

  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,610
    For sweaty kit I find that it dries off in a normal office provided there is some air circulating. At the moment we just have hooks in a shower room so stuff is against a wall and needs turning around at lunchtime.

    Rain soaked kit needs a bit more of a kick and air circulation helps enormously. Our shower room has an extractor fan, but it's on a motion sensor+overrun so turns off it nobody is in there.
  • seajaysseajays Posts: 330
    Yeah - there are commercial drying cabinets... something like this: ... g-cabinet/
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  • davisdavis Posts: 2,566
    Some of our aircon units exhaust into "dead space" corridors and nooks. It wasn't hard to hang a pole from the ceiling and hang some clothes hangers from that. Clothes would sit in the flow of warm dry air and dry quite happily.

    Ultimately it depends what kind of building you've got, whether it's yours, how many cyclists you're looking to accommodate, and how officious your office is.

    I wouldn't hang clothes actually in the office, as I think it's a bit gross for other people.
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  • ManiaMuseManiaMuse Posts: 89
    Any underused store rooms/cupboards?

    Most importantly you just need somewhere relatively warm and dry with good air circulation and away from desks where people are working (some people don't mind kit lying around but others get really offended by a pair of cycling shorts in plain view even if they are dry and not smelly).
  • outsider78outsider78 Posts: 41
    hang them on bikes, that's where I leave them.
  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    We have two drying cabinets, brilliant things to have. Nothing worse than putting on wet kit at the end of the day.
  • mattsawmattsaw Posts: 907
    Ours gets rung in the back of the server room. The combination of warm hot air being blasted out the back of a server rack dries even the wettest kit.
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  • cyberknightcyberknight Posts: 1,238
    Ok if you have somewhere to dry it , i have a locker where it gets put and then gets to be put on cold and damp at the end of shift .
    I could leave it out over my chair , im not office based and anyone can walk in as there is generally no one about during work hours.
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