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RIP: Terrible Waste of 9 Bikers Lives

RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
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terrible waste of life at Twin Peaks...

can't find any pictures from scene...



oh well...


  • southdownswolfsouthdownswolf Posts: 1,514
    I'm not sure if this is a photo from the scene or not...

  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 4,182
    So the police knew that there was likely to be trouble and allowed the venue to stay open with no visits to the protagonists of offer warnings of severe repercussions if things continued to escalate......

    The result is 9 dead, 18 injured and 162 arrests. No innocents hurt so do the British police have something to learn from our cousins? Due process will play out but the intelligence and tech surveillance will ensure a high proportion of convictions and the inevitable degrading of the organisations ability to commit further crime and criminal territories and areas of business will realign.

    The strategy is evident by letting the meeting go ahead and the shear scale arrests suggests a massive and effective police response. There's a high proportion of dead and relatively low number of reported injuries to the combatants with no reported injuries to police or innocents. That points to the police going in strong, both tactically and without a look over their shoulder towards any human rights act. Nice to know someones got your back higher up the food chain when you put yourself in harms way.

    Either way its a win win for law enforcement in Texas, at least in the eyes of the public.
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  • LookyhereLookyhere Posts: 987

    Never seen the attraction of a big twin myself. :shock:
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    biker dreams;


    biker reality;

  • debelidebeli Posts: 583
    I am sorry about the death, destruction and slaughter, but do these chaps know that they come across as little more than slightly sad street dealers with childhood-related issues and a massive Mad Max complex.

    I used to live near the 'front line' between two apparently hostile groups of UK motorcyclists, one a well-known brand and the other a similar set-up with a name more associated with servitude than being one of Heaven's choir.

    They took themselves IMMENSELY seriously, but were unaware that nobody else did. I was unable to understand why they chose what we motorcycle couriers used to refer to as Hardly-Ablesons. It is an imposing machine, but hardly suited to outlaw activity.

    Oddly, when not on their Hogs, it was common for them to run errands in Reliants.... as they could be driven on a motorcycle license.

    Altogether, a funny little band of superannuated adolescents who need to get over themselves.

    But I'm not about to say that to their faces.

  • cornerblockcornerblock Posts: 3,228
    Biker gangs? Pah! A mere skirmish, just wait till the Bottom Bracket and Commuting Chat chapters get together.
  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Biker gangs? Pah! A mere skirmish, just wait till the Bottom Bracket and Commuting Chat chapters get together.

    Never gonna happen Sheriff Ric will keep the Law, and you'd better believe it :!:
  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    Its all over the news here. Apparently more bikers from different gangs moving into the area the past few days, checking into local hotels and motels and taking nightly meetings to discuss repercussions.
    Every station has something to say about it.
    Living MY dream.
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712

    They're not the happiest of people. I know here they've been arrested which is sad. Only 2 ironic smerks out of 18.

    Purely observational but sometimes the ladies shoes don't look that practical...

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