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What mudguards for Specialized Secteur Elite Disc (2014)?

FrankGrimesFrankGrimes Posts: 3
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I've got a 2014 model of Specialized Secteur Elite Disc for commuting to work and to do some miles on summer roads in the weekends. It's got disc brakes and 700x30c tyres. There are mudguard eyelets on the back, but none in front.

I need mudguards, but I can't decide on which ones. I'd prefer it if I can install/uninstall them in a few minutes.

Specialized has it's own solution, called PLUG AND PLAY FENDER SET. According to posts on forums and also from the shop where I bought my bike these are noisy and cause chafing on the frame. Don't understand how or where... No buy!

Most places around here sell Cavo Fender Set. This installation is a permanent one and I'd like to avoid that. Besides, I don't know how to install them without eyelets in the front. Directly in the quickrelease, perhaps?

The Crud RoadRacer don't seem like a good option either, after reading reviews and forum threads. No buy!

Users speak highly of SKS Germany. The SKS RaceBlade Long seems to have done the trick for other Secteur owners. But videos shows that I would have to have them installed on the quick-release pin. Won't that complicate things if I'm stuck with a puncture somewhere? Won't the fasteners get lost easily when I remove the wheel from the frame? Besides, the RaceBlade Longs seems to have been discontinued and are to be replaced with another model soon.

SKS also has these RaceBlade XL set, for tyres 25 through 32 mm. I can see that they don't really cover as much of the tyre as the other kinds, but my commute is not very long (1/2h each way), and if it's pouring down I will most likely take the car or go by train.

This video was posted on Youtube by SKS Germany a few days ago:
The S-BOARD in the video is not even listed on their webpage.

I've done quite a lot of reading on the subject. Perhaps too much...
Please advice!



  • A decision was made. I went for the Plug 'n Play option. I thought that the name said it all.

    No. Not Plug 'n Play.
    Front mudguard fitted fine.
    Rear mudguard did not fit my size 56 Secteur. I had to drill where 52 was marked and there was no way I could keep it away from the seat tube.

    Kinda upset that they didn't live up to its name and I'm not to sure they will last more than a year, but happy with the design.
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