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Canyon Endurace CF 8.0

captainwheezycaptainwheezy Posts: 30
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Here's my Canyon Endurace CF 8.0 with Ritchey cockpit, size is XS. Its my first carbon bike, my previous road bike being an alloy Specialised Allez Tripple 2006. This is a lot lighter and has a bit more relaxed position than the Allez. Done a few rides on it now (~200 miles in total) and loving every minute of it. Straight out of the box without pedals or bottle cage it weighed about 7.5Kg according to my cheapo ebay luggage scales.

Pedals are Ritchey WCS Paradigm which work with the same cleats as the Shimano pedals on my mountain bike, however these are a lot lighter and a bit more blingy :D They're taking a bit of getting used to though, I don't find them as easy to clip in, and sometimes I've found they don't release quite as well.

Anyway, please excuse the crappy photo's:


Pedal bling:

11 speed 105 is a joy to use compared with the old Sora/Tiagra 8 speed mix on the Allez







DT Swiss freehub is embarrassingly loud, serves as motivation to keep pedalling:


  • sirmolsirmol Posts: 287
    lovely bike
  • MarkjaspiMarkjaspi Posts: 729
    Nice!! And personally I like a loud Hub!
    Cipollini Bond
    Pinarello GAN
  • johnnymcg259johnnymcg259 Posts: 569
    I like the colours. :)
    Your front wheel is on the wrong way around btw - quick release to the left side.
  • nammynakenammynake Posts: 196
    I like the colours. :)
    Your front wheel is on the wrong way around btw - quick release to the left side.

    Wheel is the right way round (according to logo on hub), just need to insert QR from the other side :lol:
  • lakinlakinlakinlakin Posts: 62
    How is it for comfort?
  • Lol, ok, I'll swap the skewer round for you OCD types ;-)

    The bike is much more comfortable than my Allez. It has a much more relaxed geometry. Longest ride I've done so far was 67 miles and other than my censored getting used to the new saddle I felt fine afterwards.
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