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I expect that there are hundreds of such posts in this forum and yes - here's another one to contend with from another bloke trying to get into some road riding. I live in an area which is fairly flat and there are loads of cyclists around - I do some mountain biking but with small children not that easy to go out MTB-ing but I could road ride from the front door. I have some good friends who are roadies and have suggested i try something like an endurance style bike to begin with as the geometry is far more relaxed than a full on face bike.

I wasn't looking to spend loads and through a series of LBS visits to Giant, Evans and Decathlon (work in Sheffield) i've narrowed it down to the following bikes - in either XL or 58 cm size.

Cannondale Synapse Alloy Sora, Norco Valence A2, Giant Defy 3 and B-Twin Triban 520.

Two questions as i'd be happy to get any of them - have I missed any other bike I should be considering and which do people rate better for longevity - ie worth upgrading as I hopefully progress anwear bits out (bearing in mind the Norco has best groupset). Ceiling is £700 though I could push that if it was really worth it.

All fit and I feel comfortable on them - I'm around 6'3'' and 102kgs at the moment.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give.



  • Have a look at some of Planet-X offerings maybe?

    For around the £700 mark, I'd say the London Road is hard to beat for value ( I think they're 799).

    All year round bike, use it on road or off with a swap of tyres...