Gluing Tubular tyres advice

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Hi there,

Had my first go at gluing a set of Conti Sprinters to my new tubs. I used Conti tub glue as recommended but found that the glue was drying very quick. This meant that the tyre did not seat right. I did try and correct this before it dried but it was already set within a minute. I now have a tyre that's not running true.

Should I start again and try something like Vittoria Mastik one and clean the rim up of all the dried glue?
Just to clarify, I put a layer of glue on the rim and tyre let it dry for 24 hours, repeated this the next night then glued the tyre and fitted the third day.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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    The gluing method i have come up with is with vittoria mastik one
    one layer of glue on rim leave overnight
    another layer of gluenon the rim and leave overnight and one layer of glue on the tub.
    mount tyre on rim next morning infalte to 120 psi and leave for 24hrs.
    The bond that results is very strong and i need a tyre lever to get the tubs of without struggling a bit.

    Tried conti glue once and di not like it the bond was weaker.

    Contact adhesive goes off but re activates when in comes in contact with a surface it can stick too. Dont worry. -wheel building and other stuff.