Creaking whilst pedalling

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I have a Ribble sportive with a 105 groupset and am getting creaking whilst pedalling, its not all the time and mostly occurs when moving away from traffic lights. Ive checked the pedals to make sure they are properly greased and tightened and have checked the handlebars as well. its not the saddle as it happens whilst standing as well. The bike only has around 350 miles on so far so i wouldn't expect it to be an issue with the BB but i suppose it could be.

Any suggestions for what to check next?


  • stretchy
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    BB could need to be re packed with grease (even after 350 miles)

    Chain ring bolt
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    try tightening your Q/R levers just a little bit more. I had a creak caused by a Q/R lever that was a tad loose ... though it didn't seem to be, and I'd ruled out everything else.
  • KMC1993
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    Ok, I have tightened the chain ring bolts and will give the QR a slight tighten before next going out and hopefully that will do it. If not I will try re greasing the BB
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    Incidentally, I'm also suffering from this. Tightening the QR worked for a couple of days but it's returned. I swapped out the back wheel and it went away, so it's wheel related.

    On looking closer the bearings are running a little rough and there is a little play in the freehub - i suspect the combination of the two is what's causing it and why it only manifests when it's under load as this is causing slight lateral movement of the wheel.
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    What pedals do you have? Does the noise stop if the pedals and shoes get wet?

    If clippers try cleaning all the contact areas with the pedal and the cleats and then using a soft pencil to all the same areas, draw on them to get a layer of graphite. This cured a creak that had bugged me on and off for ages.

    Another culprit can be the pedal thread into the crank, try clean and regrease of that area too.
  • KMC1993
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    I have 105 SPD SL pedals but i don't think its them, did some one sided pedalling today and the noise was still there regardless of which side was in use. Its getting worse as well and the whole pedal action just doesn't feel smooth so starting to think it may be the BB, so will check that out when my tools arrive from Wiggle.
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    I get creaking all the time - and on different bikes. It normally sounds like it's coming from BB are, but it turns out a lot of noise from other parts of the bike travel through the frame to that area.

    So - I've had:

    chainring bolts
    Front fork
    the parts of the wheels that the forks attach to (needed cleaning)
    Most recently: my headset was a bit too tight! Needed a spacer put in. This noise only occurred when out of saddle - so I assumed it was from the pedals!

    And lastly - cleats. These creak all the time.
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    I don't think anyone's mentioned seatpost yet - noises can travel.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    I have a Ribble Sportive frame and had problems with creaking seat post, v annoying. Tried everything, inlcluding special carbon seat post stuff in a tube, furniture polish, replacement seat tubes, eventually solved it by replacing the (expensive) carbon seat posts with an aluminium one; result = bliss.
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    Could be where spokes cross (if they do) in rear wheel. Put a spot of oil on the cross, an wipe off excess.
    The Wife complained for months about the empty pot of bike oil on the hall stand; so I replaced it with a full one.
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    I had a creaking problem that's plagued me for months. I tried everything with no luck i.e. skewers, bb regreasing, head set regreasing, seat post greasing. Last week I checked my chain for chain wear using a chain stretch gauge. It was just on the border line of needing replacement after 12,000 km so I replaced it and the cassette that had 23,000 km on it. The cassette going on to my back up set of wheels. To my surprise, no more creaking.

    So check your chain for wear. I don't know if my problem was the chain or the cassette.
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    Ironically, BikeRadar have just done an article on this very subject: ... aks-44332/
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    I get creaks off of standard SPDs. Is just the cleat moving in the metal pedal.

    Other things to check are that the cranks are tight to the splines, the pedals are tight on the cranks and that the cleats in your shoes are tight.

    Other than that, I've had it caused by the saddle and seat post.