Best treatment for trail rash?

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An unfortunate incident last night has left me with a fair bit of trail rash on my shoulder, elbow, hip and thigh. It's in that pre-scab watery blood stage and it's sticking to my clothes. Other than go naked which is not an option at work how can I treat the affected areas? Someone has suggested cling film & superglue but I'm not so sure

Ta folks


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    Maybe spray plaster!
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    A bandage or plaster depending on the size of the rash, you dont want it getting infected so apply some savlon/germoline or something simular & keep clean.
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    Is trail rash 'scene queen' speak for a graze? Or something more sinister? :lol:
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    I get very similar astroturf burns when playing hockey. Usually on my knees. They can be aright s*d when they go through the `weeping` phase and stick to everything.

    My choosen method:

    Let them air dry/weep as much as possible during the day.
    Spray with this stuff: ... -7761.aspx
    It helps dry the affected area and is also antiseptic (it might sting just a little bit - enough to make you want to chop a limb off). They will still weep but it keeps them clean and speeds up the drying process.

    You'll probably need to cover them up for bed-time etc. I use these: ... -8119.html
    I buy them in bulk (I spend half the winter weepy and scabby). The larger inner area is designed not to stick to the wound, but have a sticker plaster outer area. They come in different sizes. Buy what suits your wounds. You can always cut them down to size. I buy extra Steropore tape to replace any missing adhesive.They do stick a little to the wound but are so much better than waking up in the middle of the night after you've stuck to the sheets. You might have to peel them off a little in the morning but you'll get a better nights sleep.

    You tend to find that if the area is bigger than a match box, it can take a good week to fully dry up and start to scab. It tends to start on the outer edges and work it's way in. The `middle` may take longer to dry out.
    Once it stops weeping and begins to dry out, you can spray this stuff on: ... =spray+pla
    It will sting like a b!tch for about 60 seconds but does the job. Once you've got this stuff in place and it dries off, you should be able to get it wet. Until then, you've got to keep it dry. It won't stick well to a wet wound, so it must be at the dry stage and be cautious getting it too wet (or avoid for a while). Be careful in th shower etc or you'll undo all your hard work. If you get water on it, dab it dry, don't wipe it. You can still put a dressing over the top (particularly at night) to help as it can still weep a bit.

    After a few days of being kept dry and with the 2nd skin, it should start to scab nicely.

    I have no idea why cling film and superglue would help. It won't get air to it and it will go rancid/infected.

    If you have anything that is particularly deep, nasty or full thickness, go to a walk-in centre or similar. It's treatedthe same way as a burn. Anything that deep that gets infected could cause an issue. Did you fully clean the wound(s) etc? The slightest piece of dirt/grit/foreign body can be problematic.

    No drama if you're not keen on my idea either.

    PS - my experience of using creams etc is that they effectively keep the wound moist and delay healing. Some Savlon cream is great once the scab is formed to keep it supple and keep germs out but I prefer to avoid using it at the `weepy` stage.
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    I suspect his grazes from over 3 years ago have healed by now!
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    I thought it was a snake oil salesman.
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    JBA wrote:
    I suspect his grazes from over 3 years ago have healed by now!


    That get's right on my t!ts.
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    Don't worry BC, I keep making the same mistake.

    Although I must be learning, as I haven't done it for a while.

    Edit: Although it was the spam post that reactivated it, so you were responding to a new post. :)