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Giro Synthe vs Kask Protone

spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,180
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Has anyone tried these two helmets and can offer an opinion between them?


  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    Probably not much help to you but I recently tried the Synthe and found it to be a slightly smaller fit in large than my Aeon. Not tried the Kask.

  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    I think actually buying the kask protone will be the main struggle, stock appears to be mythical..
  • spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,180
    thanks peter, i've actually tried on the synthe. it was very nice. but i really cant pick between the two and havent tried the kask on

    funnily enough stueys i've ordered both to be delivered in the next couple of days and hopefully i'll be able to decide when i have them in the flesh... i have had to use different companies to get them though
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    You can find the Protone in medium, but large isn't coming for a very long time.

    Tried the Synth in an L and it was fine but not as comfy as my Mojito. Hoping the Protone will be better.
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  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,076
    not tried the synthe but i just got a protone to replace a cracked aeon

    it's less bulky, which i like and my shades stow neatly in the vents (oakley radar path, with the aeon the vents were too far apart), not sure i like the protone's chin strap but not had a long hot ride yet to really see how it works out

    what i did notice immediately is that a medium protone is a smidge smaller than medium aeon (or ionos and other giro i've used in the past), maybe 1cm circumference less?

    so if you are at the upper end of a giro medium and need a helmet 'now', then i think the protone is ruled out, i read there were production issues with the large size so it's still not available
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  • spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,180
    im going to end up taking them all back and just buying a new prevail arent i...
  • SpatulalaSpatulala Posts: 291
    spasypaddy wrote:
    im going to end up taking them all back and just buying a new prevail arent i...

    I quite like the look of the Evade if Aero is your thing
  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    It's interesting how often you see the prevail being used in the pro rides, even though that design is now 5ish years old.

    @spashypaddy, you did well. I've been looking for a large for ages to try. Quite why stock is an issue when the helmet debuted on last years tour I don't get but hey
  • thegreatdividethegreatdivide Posts: 5,794
    edited May 2015
    spasypaddy wrote:
    im going to end up taking them all back and just buying a new prevail arent i...

    Crashed and cracked my Prevail, replaced it with another Prevail because it's such a good helmet. Crashed again and cracked Prevail #2! I was going to get Prevail #3 but thought I'd try a few others and I'm now sporting a Synthe - it's bloody lovely! As comfortable (to me) as the Prevail and as trivial as it is, the glasses garage is spot :-) The Etape Caledonia last weekend was soaking from start to finish and glasses became a hindrance, so after about 5 miles they were stashed on the helmet and stayed securely there for the next 76 miles. I used Giro helmets before the Prevail and never thought I’d go back. I’m so glad I tried the Synthe!

    It’s deffo worth a punt OP.
  • meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,337
    I like that they've put the glasses garage thing in the Synthe - as noted earlier, the Aeon is hopeless - I've never yet found a good way of stowing the shades (even if it's just for negotiating the stupidly steep Amsterdam stairs of my apartment). The Ionis is fine. The Synthe is definitely on my shopping list.
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  • spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,180
    so i now have all of them in my flat and i still can't make a decision!

    ive been wearing sworks helmets for probably 7 years and this is my third one so do i replace it and get a 4th (its finally broken after 2 and a half years).

    the giro and kask are both lovely. Both are very comfortable with and without a hat. both have decent sunglasses storage (Oakley Jawbreakers). i think the kask sits lower on my head but the giro feels like it will get more wind through my luxurious locks.

    i genuinely cant decide between them.
  • spasypaddy wrote:
    i genuinely cant decide between them.

    Have you got a wife/ girlfriend who could decide for you?
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  • spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,180
    after much extensive trying on and photo taking and mirror looking i decided on the kask protone.

    it just felt slightly better on my head than the giro. love the look of both of them though.
  • brettjmccbrettjmcc Posts: 1,361
    You are lucky. I tried a Synthe on in Evans in both Medium and Large. Medium was just a bit too tight and the Large just didn't feel right. Rose is now showing 11 weeks for delivery for the model that I want to try on the Protone. I may just end up replacing my K-10 with a Mojito or Vertigo at this rate
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  • spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,180
    you might call it lucky, i call it unlucky.

    ive been off the bike after an operation for 2 weeks. last week i took my helmet (SP Prevail) off its hanging hook and rested it on the floor. Then i picked it up by the outer casing and the internal plastic retention system snapped. So 2 days before im allowed to start riding again i have no helmet. The spesh was 2 and a half years old and was on my list of things to replace at some point but not desperate.

    So i've paid full UK price for the helmet instead of saving loads of money by ordering it from Germany.
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    I recently bought an Evade and a Synthe, happy with both. Giro's don't tend to fit my head shape very well (I find Giro's are better suited for rounder heads whereas mine is more oblong) but the Synthe is comfy - it does look a bit bulky in large though. The Evade I only got as it was under £100 (cvndsh version in a concept store) but it's better than I expected, not only is it comfy but the airflow is decent. The Synthe is definitely cooler (especially at slow speeds) but I've not found the Evade noticeably hot to wear yet.
    I did want to try a Protone along with the Synthe and return one but no one could get hold of the large Protone, I also think the front centre vent thing looks a bit weird but that wouldn't have been enough to put me off if it was more comfy than the Synthe.
    Although I've previously had S-Works road helmets the Prevail just looks goofy on me (like it's perched high on my head), I think it's mainly the high curved bit around the ears that does it and it didn't seem as comfy in the shop as the Evade.
    Only thing I really miss with the Synthe is a bug net like my Las Victory Supreme had...
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