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Upgrades!! :D

drewesqdrewesq Posts: 137
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I just had a new cassette and chain, all good - got a 12-32 instead of 12-28 so I can get up hills a bit easier! Also replaced the Sammy Slick tyre (back - puncture) for a semi slick and I am surprised how much difference it makes, especially on acceleration. I need to change the front tyre now too!!

I have the standard Cannondale saddle on my CAADX and have been thinking about upgrading it, does anyone have any experience of Superstar Components? I bought some foam grips from them and they're good quality (and free shipping, which helps!)

Anyway, this is the saddle I'm thinking about:

Would love to get opinions...
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  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 4,409
    Opinions on saddles are unique to users and their own backside which underlines why a relationship with your local bike shop is worth the extra as its best to at least try a few options and see if you have a preference.
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