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average widths for dropouts and seat stay tubes

oemodmoemodm Posts: 2
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Hello everyone,

I'm doing a bit of research on bicycle dimensions & hoping for some much needed help.


Maximum & minimum widths for:
A = Drop outs
B = Seat stay tubes at approximately their mid-point.
...for regular bicycles (mountain bikes, touring bikes, road bikes - under 600 - not specialist bikes).

For example:
Drop out max & min, 150 to 110mm
Seat stay tubes max & min 150 to 90mm

I know there is a huge amount of variety & I apologise for the vagueness of this post, however, as a non-cycling expert I'm looking for some guidance/sources to help define A & B maxs & mins

thanks so much


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    have a read of the info on the two links in my sig.

    there are certain standards that need to be built to.
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