Diamondback Century 1 vs Trek 1.1 c h2

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Hey Everyone,

I'm brand new to this site and it's forums and had a few questions regarding a new road bike purchase I was hoping some of the more experience cyclists could add some insight on. Any help is appreciated!

I am just getting into cycling and currently have a junky old Schwin that's more of a hybrid than a road bike. I just moved to Chicago and have been able to start taking advantage of the lakeshore trails and love biking on them. I'm just getting into it, so my rides are fairly short currently (around 20 miles at a good pace), but I'm hoping to improve and get into the 40 to 50 range towards the end of the summer. I'm certainly on somewhat of a budget here so I'm cost conscious regarding this purchase. Also, like I said, I live in Chicago and although I'm locking it up in an enclosed indoor garage, I don't want to tempt anyone into trying to break that lock.

The two bikes I've found thus far at a price point I'm happy with are the Trek 1.1 c h2 and the Diamondback Century 1 (pretty much the lowest end endurance road bikes these companies produce). I am able to get a great deal on the diamondback through a friend that would come in at around $490 (unassembled in a box I assume). I visited a local store today and saw the Trek for around $740 (which would come assembled, tuned, and fitted to me. Not to mention the lifetime warranty that comes with purchasing at a local store). Clearly there is a significant difference in price here.

Does anyone have any insight on these two options? I'm clearly very uneducated on the sport and looking to make a fairly quick decision so I can get started, as the weather is finally turning for the better in Chicago. Like I said, any input is helpful! Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!



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    I have a Trek 1.1 Chad, bought it 2nd hand a couple of years back. It has done everything I ask of it very well; long rides, lumpy rides, whatever. As a first road bike I cannot imagine anything that it falls short on, it's basic but everything it has is sufficient, it looks great, too.