Equilibrium Disc or Croix de Fer

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I am thinking about buying a disc braked bike for commuting and winter road duties. I've got it narrowed down to the equilibrium disc or the croix de fer. Both frames come with rack mounts, guard mounts, carbon forks and are built from Reynolds 725. I can't really decide either way.

Anybody want to weigh in?


  • ck101
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    Are you planning on a bit of trail riding or cross country? If not get the Equilibrium.

    Personally I prefer the Equilibrium and have one but I don't generally ride paths or trails.

    I did however bring it on a 200K Audax last year which involved 85K of canal bank. This was mostly gravel path, grass track and grass only. I rode 23's and was one of the only riders not to get a puncture.