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Cannondale Evo 105 5 Chainset Upgrade

tubsolardtubsolard Posts: 150
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Hi All,

I currently ride a Cannondale Supersix Evo 105 5.

I've upgraded a few components such as:

Wheels: Rolf Prima Elan
Brakes: Shimano Ultegra
Stem: Fizik Cyrano R1
Seatpost: FSA SL-K

As well as the usual Tyres, Pedals, bar tape.

Next consideration is the Chainset and my questions are :

1 - For budget can I upgrade from FSA Gossamar? The Cannondale SiSL2 is a bit out of my price range and I don't have much (well any at the moment!) money to play with but I want to improve on the FSA Gossamar. Is the SRAM Force 22 a worthy upgrade? (yes I'll consider that I may need to upgrade the whole groupset to make it compatible but I am planning on a groupset upgrade at some point anyway and fancy shifting to SRAM too).
2 - what size crank arm for height of 5'8? (Or do I need to consider leg length first?)

Thanks for your advice.

Cannondale Super Six Evo
Cannondale Slice Aero


  • Origami02Origami02 Posts: 147
    The Sram Force 22 chainset is an upgrade, but there's a but. It has a longer axle than your Gossamer so you'll lose some heel clearance. The crank arms on the Force 22 are almost straight, wheras the Gossamer bend in to meet their shorter axle.
    Some will point out that the straighter the crank arm is stiffer than a curved one , whilst others point to the shorter axle being stiffer than a long one.
    Personally I prefer the greater heel clearance. I upgraded a Gossamer crank to an FSA SL-K light. Same heel clearance and short axle, but lighter than the original. Force 10 speed is another option with short axle as is Sram Red.
    I got my SLK from Ebay £140 new. Crank arm length you're probably looking at 170-172.5, but that's more down to leg length than just height.
    Of course you could always get some adapter cups and run a non BB30 crankset. I quite like the whole BB30 thing though.
  • TilediverTilediver Posts: 13
    Rotor 3D+ Put one on my Cannondale, love it!!
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