wheel set buying advice ?

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please advice as i am really confused with different opinions for best wheel set for me ?

i am 6.3 height and 93 KG and will be using bike for commuting and recreation.

1- hand-built wheels set ( Road wheel set 28"/700C Xtreme R-490 / Shimano 105 5800)
http://www.rosebikes.com/article/road-w ... aid:339571

2-factory built . Shimano RS10 wheelset
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/eg/e ... rod121528#


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    Why not take a little time and do some research on this site? There is a handbuilts section at the top now which is a mine of info and there is also a search function (although it can be better to use Google for "Bikeradar, RS10, Road Buying Advice", etc). Look for "Factory wheels" or any of the usual brands (Fulcrum, Campag, Shimano, Mavic, etc.).

    Cheap wheels come up as a topic time and time again and your requirement is not that much different to all the others. You will need to take into the account the wheels you have and why you want to change them, and also the budget. Height is not really a key factor :)