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I am soon going over the water and visiting the area of Ypres. Will be taking bikes with us but need some help please re obtaining maps and routes of the area for my bike computer.
I have a Garmin Edge 800 with UK maps. Any advice please as to where I can obtain, preferably for free, maps of the area around Ypres. Also advice re a site that will allow me to plan some routes in this area to download to the Edge 800.

Any assistance very greatly received. Thanks' in advance.


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    Here you go ... 00810.html

    Works a treat.

    Edit: Planning wise, bikeroutetoaster or garmin connect are all pretty good.
    Garmin connect has the advantage of being less faffy to get on the Edge 800 if you're really non technical.
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    This isn't a bad link either: ... mment-3275
    +1 for RidewithGPS.
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    Cheers guys.
    I visited the dc rainmaker link and now have the map I wanted. Although I had to rename with a '1' in it so as not to overwrite my UK map.
    I have had an issue mapping a route in the past whereby it won't allow me to scroll over the channel. Just snaps back to UK side when I let go. Will try some other routing sites to see if it was just Garmin.
    Thanks' very much for the help. Appreciated.